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Wollongong City Council
Construct of a Seawall & Rock wall at Judbooley Parade, Windang (December 2016)
Excavation, foundations, flexible form working, stainless steel reinforcement and landscaping for
an environmentally and culturally sensitive busy community site situated an the entrance to Lake Illawarra.

Wollongong City Council after project report concluded:
Dynamic Civil were a great contractor to work with over the course of the project. They were flexible when required and delivered high quality work. Project Managers were very professional and easy to deal with throughout all aspects. It is recommended that they would be suitable for projects of similar size and scope at Council.

GrainCorp Grain Terminal
Port Kembla
GrainCorp Liquids Terminal

Dynamic Civil carried out the following activities in-house
Project Management
Site clearing & excavation
Management of Spoil
Concrete Foundations
Concrete waste water tank
Concrete pavement & Retaining structures
Kerb & Gutters
Roadway construction

The Project was Completed within Budget & Programme.


Ammonia Sulphate Building
BlueScope Steel - Port Kembla

This project required the safe demolition of the existing building and the construction of the new structure.
The building consisted of 6m high concrete walls securing a long 50m x 40m spanned steel roof.
Surface protection of all structure steel work a must because of the corrosive nature of the Ammonia Sulphate housed in the building.

Walking Beam Furnace
BlueScope Steel - Port Kembla

Our largest project to date. A large excavation and construction project confined within an
industrial structure next to an operating steel producing Walking Beam Furnace.

Initially excavation exposed the unstable former lake bed. Base stabilisation and a reinforcement bed followed by the walls and furnace plinths. This construction project required the cooperation of our
specialist subcontractors with very pleasing professional results.

Complex safety and environmental hazards issues resolved and successfully managed.

Overall Site Management

Concrete Silo Repair
BHP Billiton - Port Kembla Washery

Remediation repairs to this 30m high concrete silo required a professional engineered approach not only in the choice of materials and in the work methodology to meet the challenge of this project. Scaffolding platforms constructed on the ground were lifted in complete and form work secured. Materials source performed to specification and repair procedures were inventive and thoughtfully managed.
The safety aspect of height and hazardous substance all managed to standards.


Heavy Industrial Rail Line Repair
BlueScope Steel - Port Kembla

The demolition of existing rail structure and the construction of the replacement to exacting specifications. The photographs display two separate projects where similar circumstances required considered interactions with the ongoing operations of the company involved. The project interactions and stringent auditing process were demanding but did not hinder the process.
Excavation work varied between the projects but the form work, reinforcement and concreting work were similar.

Kangaroo Valley Sewerage Works
Site Preparation
Form work
Excavation & Tank Construction
  Tank Construction  

Wongawilli Mine
Road Construction

Design and Construct
Limited and confining access,
steep grade, land slip area requiring piling and reinforced safety wall.


Pre-cast Slabs

Made to order, any size.

Switch rooms

Transformer Bays

Construction & Repair


Culvert Crossing

Design & Construction

Concrete Wall & Tank

Pre cast Concrete Rail

Pre-cast heavy industrial rail system crossing


Road Construction
Concrete Crushing Plant Port Kembla

Aircraft Hanger and Administration Building
Nowra Airport
Green field site construction of aircraft hanger and office complex for military use.
Helping Industry To Grow
Slab Construction

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